I’m a regular down to earth person who just happens to be a psychic and empath.  Growing up, that caused some problems, but as I got older, I started to read and learn.  In memory of the bumps I had growing up, and in honor of the things I learned raising a son who inherited mom’s “talents,” I wanted to start a site to help those who seek.

People  talk about New Age beliefs, but really, all the New Age things I’ve run across have their basis in very, very old beliefs. As the Bible tells us, “there is nothing new under the sun”.  My goal is to share.

Obviously, this is not a Christian website, but it’s not anti-Christian. Truth is found in many guises, and the main point of this site is to offer wisdom, insights, whatever moves me from day to day.  I take what is good and useful in what I learn and leave the rest.  Hopefully you will approach this material the same way. If it sounds like hogwash to you, so be it.  But maybe I’ll strike a chord.  That’s great!  Take it and run with it.

I hope you find it a resource.  I am a teacher. That is not what I do, it is who I am.  I try to get away from it (I’ve been a literal teacher for 25 years), but here I am, still plying my trade.

You can reach me at patchoulihaze@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting!


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