Taking the Long View

“A little perspective, like a little humor, goes a long way.” ~ Allen Klein


Today is one of those days in which I have to remember one thing: perspective.  In 10 years what’s happening today won’t matter. If I’m lucky it won’t matter in one.


It matters today, of course, and I’m annoyed and feeling put upon and exploited–an employer just changed the rules, upped the stakes, added more work, but of course, added no money.  But I need the money from that job, so I deal with it.  It’s not fair, of course, but as my Bio 101 teacher, Dr. Harris, said on the first day of class my freshman year: “Life’s not fair, life’s not easy.”  He added, “Neither am I, so deal with it.”  That was a little harsh, but the first part? True as it gets.


So I take a deep breath, tell myself that it’s not a permanent situation, and off I go.


Telling myself doesn’t help as much as sharing it with you all.  Thanks for helping me keep perspective. What are friends for, right?


About maggiec

Educator, writer, world traveler, bibliophile, theater devotee, cat lover, mother of an actor, adopted auntie to hundreds. Spreading love (and literacy), one day at a time.
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