Let the Games Begin!

“Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” ~ from The Olympic Charter

Yes, I am lifting today’s quote right off the Google homepage.  Although I’m not a sporty person by nature, I always enjoy the Olympics.  To see athletes in their prime from all over the world competing together is always fun.


The Olympian ideals of friendship, solidarity and fair play are ideals that are important to me in life.  I like to think of the Games as a time for coming together to play (sports are played, though sometimes it’s hard to tell people are playing), and yes to compete. But it’s a time for athletes from all over the world to spend time with their true peers no matter where they come from.


So my very best wishes to all the Olympians.  Just to be in Sochi to compete is a great accomplishment, and we are looking forward to seeing greatness.


These particular Games have been clouded by threats of terrorist attacks and actions against gay participants and spectators, among other things.  May we all share in a prayer that the true spirit of the Games will prevail to remind the world why we continue to hold these Games–as a joining together of humanity in peace and friendship.


About maggiec

Educator, writer, world traveler, bibliophile, theater devotee, cat lover, mother of an actor, adopted auntie to hundreds. Spreading love (and literacy), one day at a time.
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