Oh Happy Day!

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” ~Omar Khayyam

Some days it’s easy to be happy. This has been a good day–I heard news of a new baby girl joining the world, a student who struggled in my class  is getting ready to graduate with a good GPA, I separately ran into two old friends, and a former student came and said hello. Even with single digit temps, I call this a winner of a day!

I once learned of the Buddhist concept of Mudita. the pleasure that comes from other people’s joy, and I realized that was one thing I’m good at.   Maybe it’s because I’m an empath, or maybe I just lucked out, but I really do rejoice in other people’s happiness.  I don’t actually get its opposite, schadenfreude.  Tell me your good news and I will rejoice in it. Seriously, I will.

Even though these things filled my cup of joy today, I don’t actually need them. Perhaps I’m lucky in that it doesn’t take much to make me happy. I may get angry and my temper may flare (um, see yesterday’s post!) but writing usually fixes it. And if it doesn’t, time with the cat, or a book, (or both!), singing a song, a pretty sight, and I’m good to go.

I’m making it sound easy, and it’s not. Sometimes I have to make a conscious choice to snap out of it. Sometimes it takes a day. Or two. Or a week.  And sometimes the happiness doesn’t last long, but years ago I made a decision to be happy because being unhappy isn’t a good way to be.

So practice being happy.  Practice makes perfect.


About maggiec

Educator, writer, world traveler, bibliophile, theater devotee, cat lover, mother of an actor, adopted auntie to hundreds. Spreading love (and literacy), one day at a time.
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